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  • Studying Abroad- Its easier than you think.

    Have you considered studying abroad, but are not sure whether it’s worth your time? If you ask anybody who has studied abroad, he or she will most certainly tell you that it is a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things he or she has ever done. Perhaps you’re not certain what benefits you can reap from an extended stay in a foreign country.

    There are certain myths about Study abroad and through this blog we are going to shatter those myths. Listed below are myths and realities that would help you make a better decision about your future.

    MythOnly some courses accept international student enrolments.

    Reality – Many students think that there are certain courses that accept International students & others that don’t. While there are some exceptions to this rule, international students can apply for courses in any field of study.
    Only entry requirements are different so it is best to check with each institute or agents like us you are considering. Some courses are difficult to get (Health science, Medicine, law) and in these competitive fields students often complete “pathways” through related degrees to improve their chances.

    MythStudying Australia is too expensive.

    Reality – Australian study experiences to suit all budgets. There are number of Scholarships available to international students. Scholarships are offered by educational institutes on basis of merit and various other aspects. Please contact our offices for more info.

    MythYou can’t work while study.

    Reality – The great thing about studying in Australia or Canada is that your student visa enables you to work part time while you study up to 40 hours per fortnight during semester. Although If your spouse accompanying with you. He/ She will have full time work rights. Also you can work full time during vacations that is about 3 months in an year. All students get 2-3 years post study work rights after completed higher education degree.

    MythPaying money to agents for a student visa is the easiest way to get a visa.

    Reality – Do not get trapped by shoddy agents who promise to provide documentation for academic gaps and financial document support. There are genuine ways of which students can get GTE approval through guidance by us. If your profile or documentation is not what is required by Australian univ and INPHASE says no, better not to apply as may lose a lot of money without getting any success. Better try for some other country and we have many solutions. We regularly come across students that some agents have charged large amounts to process case and submit some fraud documents and file got rejected.If that happens it is impossible to get visa again. So it is better to apply through registered (AAERI members, MARA registered) & genuine agent.

    Myth – Gap not acceptable in Canada.

    Reality – 2 years of gap acceptable and 5 years of study gap acceptable if student has done genuine study or work experience. For Australia Post graduation can be done even after 10 years of experience.

    MythFinancial documentation process is very difficult for study abroad.

    Reality – If Funds are genuine so there is no difficulty comes in financial process. Also it is not that difficult as it looks. If someone doesn’t have funds there are many univ accepting 3 month old funds. Students can put money in account and start admission process so it can be a very smooth process to get visa. Inphase would guide you to plan your documentation. Just avoid agents who guide you to procure financial documentation.

    Myth – More than one-year gap is not acceptable in Australia.

    Reality – If the student is having genuine reason with relevant documentation then up to 5 yrs. gap is acceptable and Inphase can guide you to how represent documents to universities and DIBP.

    Myth – In Australia P.S.E.B students are still not getting the offer letters and visas.

    Reality – P.S.E.B students with 65% core subjects are easily getting offers from reputed universities as well visas.

    Myth – There is no student spouse visa in Canada.

    Reality – If the student is going for PhD course, spouse can accompany the main applicant as a dependent.

    Myth – Almost all Students applying for Canada under SPP institutions have misconception that they are sure to get visa.

    Reality – whereas if the documentation part is strong then they can even get visa easily under Non SPP institutions too and INPHASE has very vast experience in processing the documentations and they guide their students in a very appropriate manner.Its almost the same now with good colleges or universities. Students should anyhow avoid small private colleges as they would most probably get a refusal.

    Myth – As mentioned above the same goes for Australia because students believe that i they applying under Assessment level 1 colleges/universities only they can get visa.

    Reality – whereas if the documentation part is strong then they can even get visa easily under Assessment level 2 and 3 Colleges/Universities as well. And INPHASE has very vast experience in processing the documentations and they guide their students in a very appropriate manner. Level 1 institution only helps in easy financial documentation . Other wise all level 2 universities have very high visa success with required documentation and we guide you through

    Myth – Majority of the students want to apply for Ontario Province only as they think they will get job as well as PR very easily.

    Reality – Ontario has already become an overpopulated province. Which is why Students have to move to other provinces like Alberta ,Saskatchewan or Manitoba for PR. Provincial nomination PR is much easier for Saskatchewan and Alberta than Ontario.

    Myth – Students think that Canadian Colleges do not except PTE and chances of getting visa are low.

    Reality – Now gradually Colleges in Canada have started excepting PTE as well and if students have good academic background then they get visa easily.

    Myth – Nowadays, students think that getting PR in Australia is almost next to impossible.

    Reality – However,they are surely to get PR if they meet eligibility criteria like IELTS requirement or job letter.

    Myth – Visas are easy and fast processed in SPP then in Non- SPP.

    Reality – If the profile is okay and funds are genuinely available visas are processed in both the categories in same time frame .

    Myth – Canada is not giving visas with 5.5 bands

    Reality – Canada is approving visas with 5.5 bands if student has scored overall 60% aggregate in year 12th and 55% in degree .

    Myth – Visa in NZ is very difficult.

    Reality – NZ approves visas very quickly . Visa in NZ is interview based and if student has genuine funds available with him/her even if profile is average but student is smart enough to convince the visa officer and funds not an issue , visa won’t be an issue .We at Inphase education has a dedicated compliance team which prepares student for interviews.

    Thankyou for reading our blog post. If you have any query or admission guidance request contact us at info@iecindia.net or fill the form below;

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    Student Testimonials

    • With deep appreciation, I thank Inphase Education for counselling me to continue, my higher education at Australia in 2009.Thanking to Inphase (Mr.Jagdeep Singh, Ms.Neha, isha and everyone), I got my visa and now I have got approval for my PR . I am so happy to be settled in Australia and working and enjoying my life here. thank you again Inphase for the work and effort you do. Till we get our visas you all are there with us, by fulfilling our documentary works. Even after we go to Australia, Mr Jagdeep is there for us to help. It's a great pleasure for a new student.

      -Vivek Sharma
    • I am very lucky that I got chance to processs my file through Inphase Education. This is the organization where I came to know about my future what I have to do in my future. Today I am an MBA graduate from Federation University and have come Back to India.Studying in Australia has changed my life forever for good and I am a different and confident person altogether. Thanks to its all staff members, without their help I am unable to find the good option in Australia.I bless Inphase Education for helping me out to find a better option and secured Future. Thanks,

      -Pawan Chauhan
    • Isha Sharma at Inphase Education Sydney was recommended to me by a friend. From first meeting with Isha Sharma he reassured me that they could find a course to suit my needs, keeping in mind my budget, previous qualifications & urgency of enrolment. Isha Sharma went above & beyond in order to get my course sorted out within the time restraints; while I was worried about not having the time to enrol due to visa dates etc., he was very reassuring that there were several courses suited to me & he was right. I am now looking forward to beginning a Diploma in Event Management which is related to my previous degree.

      -Isha Sharma
    • Awesome! With little time and no knowledge, Inphase Education was a blessing to me. The amount of Support and personal attachment is amazing.

      -Baljinder Singh Sandhu