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  • IELTS Training

    We at Inphase help you Prepare for IELTS with our  IELTS online program designed & developed by Macquarie University, Australia. With detailed lessons, tips, full practice tests and answers, IELTS Online has everything you need to prepare for the IELTS test.

    To Enrol for the program click on the link ielts_training_image1

    Your IELTS score and ultimate dream of studying or migrating abroad would depend on what institute you got the training from. With IELTS Online’s best online English faculty combined with best training methodology and techniques, a good IELTS score is easy.

    At Inphase we believe in providing professional services to our students and reinventing ourselves with an aim to get as close to perfection as possible. Our English training institute ‘IELTS Online’ is an online English eLearning tool, designed to help people improve their English Language in order to prepare for exams, get the edge when applying for a job, or simply brush up on their skills. A leading specialist of English Language eLearning solutions, IELTS Online was established within education in the UK, meaning main focus is on ensuring anyone, of any age, anywhere in the world, has access to first-class learning.
    Covering the whole English language, including English grammar, punctuation, and spelling through interactive, self-paced assessments and resources, IELTS Online assesses individuals’ skills – identifying their weak areas – then gives them access to the resources they need to improve.

    Working through each assessment at their own pace allows individuals to enhance their English speaking and listening as they go along, therefore aiding in IELTS exam preparation, which can help improve future study and career prospects.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should chose IELTS Online for your training.

    Apart from preparing for the Exam-day and aiming to score a high band, what is equally crucial, is the selection of the right Institute that gives you a platform to materialise your plans. Following are just some of the reasons why you should join IELTS Online.

    Flexible time options: – With IELTS Online you can study according to your own convenience and not according to the time institute fits into. With online study tools and login available, you can train and practice as many times and whenever you get time. You can even plan your daily routine from few hours to full day.

    Flexible location: – With IELTS Online you can learn without having to travel to the institute. Intact you can be anywhere and still train on your english skills and get best score in your english examination.

    Latest Study Material: – We provide latest study material to our students. The latest questions appearing in the exam are tracked and discussed. Effort is made to update the study material after every exam. Thus the curriculum taught is based on the latest exam pattern.

    Focused Learning: – We define a very narrow syllabus band beyond which we a will assure not come in the exam. The idea is to spend time ONLY on the relevant course.

    Best Faculty: – We have the best faculty in the industry and we adhere to the globally accepted standards of teaching. Our Faculty understands various methods and techniques that can be used to cater to individual needs of students.

    Personal Assistance: – We understand that English is not first language and students need a lot of personal assistance to get their queries resolved. We provide personal care on one to one basis to get best results.

    Study Material for students: – We provide students practice material of our own. The student module contains varied grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary exercises to help brush up English before the actual IELTS teaching takes place. The module is self sufficient, besides the teachers’ assistance, in providing students ample solved answers and exercises for further practice.

    Examination Booking:- We have been authorised by IDP to accept test bookings for the IELTS examination, subject to seat availability. We provide instant test booking confirmations as well as immediately distribute complementary study material (as issued by IDP/British Council) on such a booking.

    Customised Teaching:- We try and understand every student’s needs on an individual basis and thus customise the course accordingly. We keep a track of each student’s progress and thus make changes into the teaching to ensure success.

    for more information on IELTS Online and faqs follow the link below

    Student Testimonials

    • With deep appreciation, I thank Inphase Education for counselling me to continue, my higher education at Australia in 2009.Thanking to Inphase (Mr.Jagdeep Singh, Ms.Neha, isha and everyone), I got my visa and now I have got approval for my PR . I am so happy to be settled in Australia and working and enjoying my life here. thank you again Inphase for the work and effort you do. Till we get our visas you all are there with us, by fulfilling our documentary works. Even after we go to Australia, Mr Jagdeep is there for us to help. It's a great pleasure for a new student.

      -Vivek Sharma
    • I am very lucky that I got chance to processs my file through Inphase Education. This is the organization where I came to know about my future what I have to do in my future. Today I am an MBA graduate from Federation University and have come Back to India.Studying in Australia has changed my life forever for good and I am a different and confident person altogether. Thanks to its all staff members, without their help I am unable to find the good option in Australia.I bless Inphase Education for helping me out to find a better option and secured Future. Thanks,

      -Pawan Chauhan
    • Isha Sharma at Inphase Education Sydney was recommended to me by a friend. From first meeting with Isha Sharma he reassured me that they could find a course to suit my needs, keeping in mind my budget, previous qualifications & urgency of enrolment. Isha Sharma went above & beyond in order to get my course sorted out within the time restraints; while I was worried about not having the time to enrol due to visa dates etc., he was very reassuring that there were several courses suited to me & he was right. I am now looking forward to beginning a Diploma in Event Management which is related to my previous degree.

      -Isha Sharma
    • Awesome! With little time and no knowledge, Inphase Education was a blessing to me. The amount of Support and personal attachment is amazing.

      -Baljinder Singh Sandhu